"The Place to Pick!"


Strawberry season is early this year!!

Soon you will be able to buy berries right on the farm in Lowell. (11925 Ervin McGarrah Rd, Lowell, AR 72745) You can also visit Bentonville Farmers Market for fresh strawberries.

We will not be offering pick your own berries at the Lowell farm this year.

Please refer to our Facebook page (McGarrah Farms at Pea Ridge) for updates regarding days and times.

Availability and hours of operation depend on the weather.
$8 per quart or 2 for $15
$50 per flat
Welcome to McGarrah Farms at Pea Ridge!

Providing Northwest Arkansas with fresh, top-quality, locally grown produce, the McGarrah family has been a cornerstone of farming here since 1824.

Beginning with tomatoes and strawberries, our farm has expanded to include a diverse array of crops over the years. The tradition of pick-your-own produce has blossomed into a beloved activity for locals and visitors alike.


Dennis McGarrah

Visiting our farm is not just about picking fruits and vegetables; it's an experience that connects people to the land and the food they eat. The McGarrahs take pride in offering a venue where families can enjoy the beauty of nature while hand-selecting their favorite produce.

Our Mission is to provide Northwest Arkansas with fresh, top quality, locally grown produce some of which is even available in a "down on the farm" pick your own venue.

Strawberries in the Spring, Pumpkin Patch in the Fall!

Come visit us at our farm at Pea Ridge here in Northwest Arkansas, where you can taste the difference that locally grown, hand-picked produce makes. Join us in celebrating the bounty of nature right here in our own backyard.






14816 Miser Road
Pea Ridge, AR 72751

Open 7 days a week 10:00am - 05:00pm
(during each season only)

McGarrah Farms at Pea Ridge

"The Place to Pick"


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